Reigerboys Soccer 18 juli 2016

That's the weather you need for a football tournament with international top-checkers: brilliant sunshine for a vitamin-boost!

Everybody was divided in a team with the colour Black, White, Red or Blue. We started with some changes in the teams because some players had another colour tshirt taken with themg. After some changes, the diverence between the white/black/red/green teams on the field were still not visible ... 

20:00 We kicked off on two half fields next to each other. Green against Black and white against Red. It were two wonderful games. Many beautiful attacks, mostly resulted in a fantastic goal. The results were super; After two times 15 minutes of play, the results were  5-1 and 4-3.

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Our soccer better than EC

On the fields of Reigerboys a great soccertournament was organized. Draughtsplayers from all over the world played in different teams. Of course it was competitive, but in the end it was more fun and laughter that ruled the fields. We understood that the green team with Thomy Mbongo was the champion, but we belief we all won...

On our fliqr page you find some pictures!

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Yesterday in 7 groups of 10 and one of 12 the Blitz tournament was a great success! Lots if laughter, spectacle and many interesting games. The winner of Group A was Alexander Georgiev, just before Jean Marc Ndjofang. All results and standings will be available on Toernooibase later today!


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